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Plot: Before there were parenting blogs, trophies for showing up, & peanut allergies, there was a simpler time called the 80s. For geeky 11-year old Adam these were his wonder years & he faced them armed with a video camera to capture all the crazy.
Season 8
Episode 8 Bevy's Big Murder Mystery Party
Episode 7 Hanukkah On The Seas
Episode 6 Eracism
Episode 5 Deevorced
Episode 4 Bill's Wedding
Episode 3 It's All About Comptrol
Episode 2 The Prettiest Boy in School
Episode 1 Airplane!
Season 7
Episode 23 Pretty In Pink
Episode 22 The Fakeup
Episode 21 Oates & Oates
Episode 20 The Return of the Formica King
Episode 19 ISLAND TIME
Episode 17 A Fish Story
Episode 16 Body Swap
Episode 15 Dave Kim's Party
Episode 14 Preventa Mode
Episode 13 Geoff The Pleaser
Episode 12 Game Night
Episode 11 Pickleball
Episode 10 It's a Wonderful Life
Episode 9 The Beverly Goldberg's Cookbook: Part 2
Episode 8 AngstGiving
Episode 7 WrestleMania
Episode 6 A 100% True Ghost Story
Episode 5 Parents Thursday
Episode 4 Animal House
Episode 3 Food in a Geoffy
Episode 2 Dana's Back
Episode 1 Vacation
Season 6
Episode 23 Breakin'
Episode 22 Mom Trumps Willow
Episode 21 I Lost on Jeopardy!
Episode 20 This Is This Is Spinal Tap
Episode 19 8Bit Goldbergs
Episode 18 The Beverly Goldberg Cookbook
Episode 17 Our Perfect Strangers
Episode 16 There Can Be Only One Highlander Club
Episode 15 My Valentine Boy
Episode 14 Major League'd
Episode 13 I Coulda Been a Lawyer
Episode 12 The Pina Colada
Episode 11 The Wedding Singer
Episode 10 Yippee Ki Yay Melon Farmer
Episode 9 Bachelor Party
Episode 8 The Living Room: A 100% True Story
Episode 7 Bohemian Rap City
Episode 6 Fiddler
Episode 5 Mister KnifeyHands
Episode 4 Hersheypark
Episode 3 RAD!
Episode 2 You Got Zuko'd
Episode 1 Sixteen Candles
Season 5
Episode 22 Let's Val Kilmer This Car
Episode 21 Spaceballs
Episode 20 The Opportunity of a Lifetime
Episode 19 Flashy Little Flashdancer
Episode 18 MTV Spring Break
Episode 17 Colors
Episode 16 The Scrunchie Rule
Episode 15 Adam Spielberg
Episode 14 Hail Barry
Episode 13 The Hooters
Episode 12 Dinner with the Goldbergs
Episode 11 The Goldberg Girls
Episode 10 We Didn't Start the Fire
Episode 9 Parents Just Don't Understand
Episode 8 The Circling of Driving Again
Episode 7 A Wall Street Thanksgiving
Episode 6 Girl Talk
Episode 5 Jackie Likes Star Trek
Episode 4 Revenge O' The Nerds
Episode 3 Goldberg on the Goldbergs
Episode 2 Hogan Is My Grandfather
Episode 1 Weird Science
Season 4
Episode 24 Graduation Day
Episode 23 Jedi Master Adam Skywalker
Episode 22 The Day After the Day After
Episode 21 Fonzie Scheme
Episode 20 The Dynamic Duo
Episode 19 A Night to Remember
Episode 18 Baré
Episode 17 Deadheads
Episode 16 The Karate Kid
Episode 15 So Swayze It’s Crazy
Episode 14 The Spencer's Gift
Episode 13 Agassi
Episode 12 Snow Day
Episode 11 O Captain! My Captain!
Episode 10 Han Ukkah Solo
Episode 9 Globetrotters
Episode 8 The Greatest Musical Ever Written
Episode 7 Holy K.I.T.T.
Episode 6 Recipe for Death II: Kiss The Cook
Episode 5 Stefan King
Episode 4 Crazy Calls
Episode 3 George! George Glass!
Episode 2 I Heart Video Dating
Episode 1 Breakfast Club
Season 3
Episode 100 An 80s Rewind
Episode 24 Have a Summer
Episode 23 Big Orange
Episode 22 Smother's Day
Episode 21 Rush
Episode 20 Dungeons and Dragons Anyone?
Episode 19 Magic Is Real
Episode 18 12 Tapes for a Penny
Episode 17 The 'Dirty Dancing' Dance
Episode 16 Edward 'Eddie the Eagle' Edwards
Episode 15 Weird Al
Episode 14 Lainey Loves Lionel
Episode 13 Double Dare
Episode 12 Baio and Switch
Episode 11 The Tasty Boys
Episode 10 A Christmas Story
Episode 9 Wingmom
Episode 8 In Conclusion Thanksgiving
Episode 7 Lucky
Episode 6 Couples Costume
Episode 5 Boy Barry
Episode 4 I Caddyshacked the Pool
Episode 3 Jimmy 5 Is Alive
Episode 2 A Chorus Lie
Episode 1 A KickAss Risky Business Party
Season 2
Episode 24 Goldbergs Feel Hard
Episode 23 Bill/Murray
Episode 22 Dance Party USA
Episode 21 As You Wish
Episode 20 Just Say No
Episode 19 La Biblioteca Es Libros
Episode 18 I Drank the Mold
Episode 17 The Adam Bomb
Episode 16 The Lost Boy
Episode 15 Happy Mom Happy Life
Episode 14 Barry Goldberg's Day Off
Episode 13 Van People
Episode 12 Cowboy Country
Episode 11 The Darryl Dawkins Dance
Episode 10 DannyDonnieJoeJonJordan
Episode 9 The Most Handsome Boy on the Planet
Episode 8 I Rode a Hoverboard
Episode 7 A Goldberg Thanksgiving
Episode 6 Big Baby Ball
Episode 5 Family Takes Care of Beverly
Episode 4 Shall We Play a Game?
Episode 3 The Facts of Bleeping Life
Episode 2 Mama Drama
Episode 1 Love Is a Mix Tape
Season 1
Episode 23 Livin' on a Prayer
Episode 22 A Wrestler Named Goldberg
Episode 21 The Age of Darkness
Episode 20 You're Not Invited
Episode 19 The President's Fitness Test
Episode 18 For Your Own Good
Episode 17 Lame Gretzky
Episode 16 Goldbergs Never Say Die!
Episode 15 Muscles Mirsky
Episode 14 You Opened the Door
Episode 13 The Other Smother
Episode 12 You're Under Foot
Episode 11 KaraTe
Episode 10 Shopping
Episode 9 Stop Arguing and Start Thanking
Episode 8 The Kremps
Episode 7 Call Me When You Get There
Episode 6 Who Are You Going to Telephone?
Episode 5 The Ring
Episode 4 Why're You Hitting Yourself?
Episode 3 Mini Murray
Episode 2 Daddy Daughter Day
Episode 1 Circle of Driving