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Title: Isle of the Snake People

The inhabitants of a small, remote island have been practicing voodoo rites and worshipping an evil priest named Damballah for years, but the local law officials generally turn a blind eye to this death cults bizarre activities. Captain Labesch arrives from the mainland, determined to crack down on the islands lawlessness and clean up the ineffectual, hard-drinking police force. He appeals for assistance from wealthy plantation tycoon Carl Van Molder, who owns nearly half of the island and wields a great deal of influence over the population. Van Molder has made the study of parapsychology his lifes work and believes in the secret powers of the mind. He warns Labesch not to interfere with this forgotten islands ancient ways. Also visiting is Van Molders niece, Annabella, a temperance crusader who wants her uncle to help fund the International Anti-Saloon League. She falls in love with handsome police lieutenant Andrew Wilhelm

IMDb Rating: 3.3/10 from 802 votes
Genre: Horror | Mystery |
Keywords: Psychotronic Film | Island | Cult | Voodoo | Snake |
Duration: 1H30M

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